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Bridges Academy was established in 1979 by Victoria Ives-Adamson, who herself experienced the same heartaches suffered by all learning different students. Bridges Academy began with 7 teachers and 7 students. Bridges Academy now has on the average about 70 students per year. Our dedicated teachers have been with the Academy for an average of 10 to 20 years. Our children have individual learning levels and we teach them the skills they will need to succeed. Bridges motto is "if children do not learn the way we teach them, then we must teach them the way they learn."

Academy Directors:

Executive Director - Ms. Irma Keys

Executive Director - Irma Keys As Educational Director of Bridges Academy, it has been my privilege to work with some of the most creative students and teachers.  Having taught 10 years in Special Education, I was confident that I had knowledge and experience enough to teach children with learning disabilities.  I was surprised to learn that I would need to be able to think outside the box to teach children at Bridges Academy.  It has been my passion to accept students exactly where they are at and yet have expectations for their future.

Because many lack the tools to deal with the special problems associated with Dyslexia, ADD and ADHD, many children with these learning differences don't excel. Bridges Academy was founded for this very reason. Learning differences may be addressed in order to prevent our students from experiencing:

Dyslexic children many times have difficulty with language skills, rhyming, memorizing, spelling, reading, and even telling time. Children with attention deficits can be impulsive, forgetful, disorganized, distracted, and given to daydreaming. In many cases, these traits and habits can lead to poor self esteem. The teachers and staff at Bridges Academy address academic, emotional, behavioral, social and creative aspects of the students lives.

Bridges Academy provides hope by using the right techniques with those who have these differences. Through years of training and experience, Bridges Academy has developed an effective program, providing learning different children with the tools necessary for them to learn successfully and reach their full-potentials.

Assistant Director - Mr. Jesus Arreola

Assistant Director - Jesus Arreola During the past 15 years, I have come to learn, that students behave and learn according to how well the school environment fits their learning needs and styles. I learned this by observing the more "experienced" teachers who by example have helped to mentor me.

"Communication between teachers, parents and students is the key to developing a rapport along with good teaching and a working environment."

Our method creates a unique environment by bringing real change, real success where perhaps before there was no hope. But there is hope, it is found in the Bridges Academy difference.

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Administrative Staff:

Executive Director - Ms. Irma Keeys Assistant Director - Mr. Jesus Arreola
Ms. Irma Keys Mr. Jesus Arreola
Executive Director Assistant Director
ikeys@bridgesacademy.org jarreola@bridgesacademy.org

Office Staff:

Ms. Yvonne Salcido  
Office / Finance Manager Registrar

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Name Position Email Address
Jesus Arreola Asst. Director / Teacher jarreola@bridgesacademy.org
Alfredo Burciaga Teacher aburciaga@epbridgesacademy.org
Maby Coker Teacher/Assistant mcoker@epbridgesacademy.org
Melissa Salgado Teacher msalgado@epbridgesacademy.org
Beth Garcia Teacher bgarcia@epbridgesacademy.org
Cathy Hendrickx Teacher chendrickx@epbridgesacademy.org
Jamie Hernandez Teacher jhernandez@epbridgesacademy.org
Irma Keys Director / Teacher ikeys@epbridgesacademy.org
Phillis Lane Grant Writer plane@epbridgesacademy.org
Hope Martinez Teacher hmartinez@epbridgesacademy.org
Karla Diaz Teacher kdiaz@epbridgesacademy.org
Yvonne Ruiz Teacher yruiz@epbridgesacademy.org
Cynthia Valdez Teacher cvaldez@epbridgesacademy.org
Melinda Chavira Teacher mchavira@epbridgesacademy.org
Joseph Ybarra Coach jybarra@epbridgesacademy.org

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Board of Directors (2017-2018):

Chairman of the Board Mr. Robert Brandmeyer Brandmeyer Family Trust, School Benefactor, aliumni parent
Board President Jason Duran Desktop Support , Security Analyst, Western Refining
Board Vice President/Treasurer Valeria Contreras Senior Administrative Assistant for the County of El Paso Office of the Commissioner
Board Member Julian Rivera III Owner, Rivera Design

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